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Prof. Victor Lopes

Before founding Explicatus Experts Group, Professor Victor Lopes was an academic oncology surgeon with more than 25 years of practice in the UK National Health Service. He also held senior management positions including five years as Associate Medical Director and has an intimate understanding of what it takes to transform the NHS to enable sustainability and the pathway for innovation. From 2011 to 2015 he held the position of clinical lead for innovation for the NHS in Edinburgh where he gained unique and extensive experience of how best to enable integration of innovation in to healthcare. His systematic and structured approach developed in both academic and commercial research proved invaluable for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices companies looking to gain traction in clinical practice. Professor Lopes has experience in digital health solutions and telemedicine and also has valuable skills in data science and informatics in healthcare.
He has long been an advocate of evidence-based practice and has used evidence as a strong tool to drive innovation and change. He applies his distinct combination of skills and experiences to enable evidence, rather than opinion to drive decisions in the commercial healthcare sector. In 2004 Professor Lopes founded Crionna, a niche Clinical Research Company based in Glasgow. He was medical director there for 6 years before becoming Associate Medical Director in the NHS in Scotland. As part of the consultancy team at Explicatus he is in a strong position to lead the production and appraisal of evidence to support commercial healthcare developments. His understanding of NHS internal procurement, accreditation and approval processes together with the network of key decision makers enables a smooth path for commercialization and implementation of new, innovative solutions in health and social care with a strong focus on data science and digital health.

Prasad Sriramula
Head of Software Solutions

IT Architect, consultant & computer science scholar with over 10 years experience in software development, automation and the medical research environment. Prasad has worked in various industry sectors such as healthcare, financial services, banking, insurance and oil and gas. Recently he has worked on various public sector automation projects in the U.K. public service sector. Coming from a computer science academic background, Prasad is a passionate software developer and solution designer with a personal interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis and smartdata. Prasad shares the vision of Explicatus Experts Group & healthprofile.org of healthcare and medical research possibilities by bringing IT innovations to make a global scale healthcare data ecosystem hosted in cloud computing.

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